Friday, February 28, 2014


 20 time has been a completely out of the ordinary project. There is no rubric or guidelines, you make the rules. What I like about this project is that we get time every Friday to work on our projects. I also like how I got to pick my project. I decided what I wanted to do and my teacher didn't have any influence on me whatsoever. What I don't necessarily not like anything about this project, I just don't like how I can't spend as much time as I wish I could on it. With 6 other classes, sports and attempting to have some type of a social life, it gets pretty hectic to try and find time to work on it. 

What I want to change about my project is the effort I put into it. I really want to accomplish a lot more than I have and to feel proud of myself. I feel like I have been slacking off all year and I really need to set things straight and meet my goals. 

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  1. Hi Maddie,

    I agree with you that it can be difficult to balance many classes and responsibilities. It also can sometimes be a little more difficult to work on a project that has little guidelines; however, at the same time it is a really awesome opportunity to explore something you are interested in. You are the designer and "in charge" of your own project, like you mentioned. I had a similar opportunity in college where a friend and I got to do a project on anything we wanted and we could present the project in any way we chose. We interviewed English teachers and then wrote a 50 page "mini-book" telling the stories that we heard from the teachers. It was a great experience, and I absolutely loved having the freedom to do it. My advice to you would be to have fun with your project :) You can do it!