Friday, March 7, 2014


I have done nothing for my project this week. I have been super busy all week with the practice ACT, extra curriculars and dance competitions. I would work on it this weekend but I will be in Walled Lake performing. I'm really disappointed in myself because of the progress of this project. I really had high hopes in the beginning because I thought it would be so successful but it's not. Hopefully this will turn around and I will reach my goals. 

My goal is to donate 100 books to schools in Detroit. I really am passionate about this and would love to see this work out. 


  1. Hi Maddie!

    I think you have set a great goal for yourself! It seems very reachable, and it will really make a difference in the lives of those you donate to. What are your next steps to help you reach your goal? I know that when I am doing a project I set goals and deadlines so that I can better stay on top of everything.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  2. I agree with Leanna - 100 books is a great goal, and if you're able to manage all the other things you are responsible for, you'll manage this. It's a great project, as reading is such a comfort for so many, and a necessary skill for all! Keep moving forward, don't give up, because even if you don't reach your goal of 100 books, the books you do collect and donate will still make a difference!