Friday, March 21, 2014

20 (The Irony)

I have literally done nothing for my 20 time project. I've completely given up on the entire idea of the project and I honestly have no motivation to work on it. Right now I'm thinking about what I should talk about in my presentation. My ideas are:

-Things that you are passionate about
-Failure and how it has taught me a lesson

I think if I think more about these ideas I can come up with something great and have a really good presentation. I want to speak at the TED x event but I know Mr. Provenzano won't pick me because I failed the concept of the project and my project isn't good enough. 


  1. Hi Maddie,

    I think that your ideas for what to talk about in your TED talk will be really insightful and interesting points for discussion. Self-reflection is a key part of the learning process, so going back and thinking about your project and things that went well and things that you would like to have done differently, can only help you. Just because your project didn't go as you would have liked doesn't mean that you can't do it at another time. Learning from our experiences helps us to have even better experiences the next time around. I think your book drive idea has great potential, and I am sure you will have another opportunity to do one in the future! :)

    Leanna :)

  2. Maddie,

    Failure is part of the project. It is ok if you are not going to reach your goal. Do not just give up. Rally and see where you can still make change or improve. Heck, start a new project. Find something you are passionate about if is different and go from there. I want you to use your time and explore something you find awesome. Do not give up. You are an awesome student who could do awesome things.